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Sheila Soar 16 September 2018
Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in. I visited Tilton on the Hill earlier this year when I started to try and trace my father’s side of my family whom I was told came from Tilton on the Hill. Indeed, they did - all of them and there are plenty of Palmers, which was my grandmothers maiden name. She was born at Tilton to Dennis Palmer and Annie Aldgate from Oadby. She often used to talk about Tilton on the hill. Her mother died when she was 12 and she lived with her grandmother in a house she said was round in shape. I don’t know if is still there. The only description I can find is they lived at “a cottage”. It was sad to see that in 2018 that one of my ancestor’s C Palmer, who would have been a cousin of hers, was killed in WW1 - she talked of a “forbidden love” - a cousin who died. Perhaps this was my grandma’s mystery beau? Sadly, we will never know, but how lovely to speculate!
This web page must have taken you hours and hours. Thank you so very much I have found one branch of my family in one fell swoop.

Sheila White 29 April 2018
Love your website! My family lived in Tilton once-upon-a-time: the Randell family.

Jim McCulloch 03 February 2018
We are thinking of moving to the village and wondered if there is a list of social groups and activities in the village which we could join.

Jim McCulloch

Barbara Sykes 29 November 2016
I've been looking for my Rodwell ancestors without any luck, but this has helped me realise I need to look at Riddle and Ruddle and ... Opened up a new path. Thank you.

Stuart Forsdick 01 October 2016
I lived down the road in Twyford but new a few school mates from Tilton hello to all.

Geoff Crane 22 July 2016
Great website with loads of info..... well done! Next time I'm in the area I will stay locally for a few days.

mark temple 01 June 2016
I am also a volunteer for the National Trust talk service and guide at Stoneywell near Loughborough. I am hoping to do a talk about lost Leicestershire mills to our local history group later in the year and I wonder if C you can help by putting me in touch with anyone in your local history group with photographs or information about windmills that existed in the Tilton area. I have seen one picture in the book by Nigel Moon of Tilton Post Mill. Thanks, Mark Temple

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