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Andrew J. Tilton IV 01 January 2013
Family came from England in the 1630's. Part of the family was the original Founding families of Hampton, NH. I have traced the family supposedly back to Tilton on the Hill, England. Also, have been told the family changed its name in England to protect itself. Any information would be helpful.

A Parr 23 November 2012
Does anybody know any history about two cottages on Halstead Road: Kildare and Jasmine cottage? Many thanks for any info.

Paul Herrington 18 November 2012
An excellent major revamp of the site, Andrew. If any relatives of the Tilton vicars and curates of the 19th and 20th centuries somehow find their way here, I would very much like to hear from them, especially concerning the Reverends Gerard Nevile, William Chippindall and Harry Floyd.

I can back up the story about Siberia which appears under the Factoids section, but with a slight twist to it. About twenty years ago, when working at a local university, I met a visiting Chinese student who was a guest in my department for a few months. He had been out this way, and passed through Tilton, and I told him about it being the highest inhabited part of Leicestershire, with a high church (in both senses), and that if you could straighten the earth's surface out to the east you could probably see very far indeed - through the low countries etc..

He then disappeared for a few hours, and returned to announce to me that his atlas had confirmed this fact and that with a flattened planet and a powerful enough telescope you would indeed be able to see into Siberia and "at least as far as the Urinals".

Michael Taylor 15 November 2012
Congratulations on a wonderful site that's simple to navigate and very informative without the all too popular unnecessary all singing and dancing fancy effects.
I started researching my paternal tree earlier this year and have found your site a great source of information as well has introducing me to were my gt.grandfather was born and his family originated.
Herbert Henry Taylor was born in Tilton Dec 1901, his father Herbert Taylor was born in Halstead 1869, and his father Frisby Taylor in Billesdon 1843.
Many Thanks.

Hazel Wainwright 25 June 2012
Many thanks for a very interesting and informative website.

I found a couple of connections to my family on the site. My 2 x gt-grandfather, William Hart, was the brother of Jasper Houghton Hart, who is buried at Tilton with his wife Charlotte. It was lovely to see a picture of their gravestone on the site.

Also, another 2 x gt-grandfather, Thomas Roberts, was the brother of the Elizabeth Roberts mentioned on the site married to William Reeve Warrington of Barsby. Further to the information provided on that family, I would say that I have found the births of a further two children to those you show on the site, Elizabeth Grimes Warrington in 1866 and Harry William Warrington in 1868.

Keep up the good work. I would be interested to hear from anyone else with Hart, Roberts or Warrington connections in this area of Leicestershire. Hazel

James Edward Tilton 25 April 2011
The Domesday Book makes reference to my family name as Tile or Tillintone and refers to Leicestershire. I am interested in how or from whom Tilton on the Hill received its name. Can anyone help me? Thank you for your wonderful web site and I intend to visit on my next trip to the UK. Thank you Jim Tilton, North Merrick, New York USA

Frederick Turnbull Houghton on the Hill 17 March 2011
Re-Penny Richardson enquiries about the Sikes Family, my grandmother was Rosamond Sikes - married my grandfather Frederick Turnbull both are buried in the family grave next to the Sikes grave in Tilton churchyard Contact welcome Fred Turnbull

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