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Carolyn Lofquist 25 October 2006
Hello - just found your site and find it very well presented.

My maternal Grandmother, Margaret (Maggie) Bamford, was born in Tilton Wood Cottages in 1884 and some of her siblings are mentioned on this site although there are a few Bamford names new to me which I'll have to check. I've been researching the Bamfords for 15 or so years now. There are 3 brickwalls for 3 of Maggie's siblings. We never knew her as she died 13 days after my Mother (who is now 88) was born here in Ontario.

Any Bamford descendants reading this, I'd be very happy to hear from you.


Peter Moore 17 October 2006
A fantastic project and a first class website.
As an added bonus it mentions my Wildbore ancestors - please make contact if you are also searching WILDBORE.

ANNE PALING 15 October 2006
Thank you for a beautifully presented site.
My family lived in Houghton on the Hill during 19th and early 20th century. As Tilton is near to Houghton my relatives married people from Tilton and many are recorded on this site. If you would like to know which one of several possibles they married I may be able to help. You have also helped me knockdown a "brick wall" which has been standing for over 30 years!!

Ray Edward Tilton 18 September 2006
My younger brother had a wonderful time there and just a couple of years ago and has raved about it ever since. He was there getting some hip surgery which went well, and his lady friend took some reslly beautyful pictures of the area.
I hope to visit there someday myself. David was the one who asked me to visit this website.
Thank you for having it.
Ray Edward Tilton

Edward Tilton 15 September 2006
As far as I can tell, all of the Tiltons left for America in the 1630's. Anything on that?

Deborah Brewin (nee Wadd) 08 September 2006
Love the site, I was born in Tilton along with my 3 brothers and lived at Sycamore Cottage. I attended the original school and have many happy memories of my early life in the village. Great to see my grandma's grave featured and will visit the site again.
My father Don Wadd was apprenticed to Ben Curtis.

Annie Boag 08 September 2006
This is a very attractive and well produced site.I would be very interested in a picture of the old school. My great great grandfather was the school master there in 1901. I would also be very interested in making contact with anyone who has information about him and his family. His name was Edmund Uren- an unusual name ... might ring some bells with researchers. Thank you

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