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Mary Governal 13 June 2010
My Grandfather's name was Kenneth E. Tilton and we trace our lineage back to the Tiltons of England. This is all very interesting!

Shelley Porter 31 May 2010
What a great site! Really useful list of Irelands in the parish records. My grandfather Joseph Ireland came from Tilton and my gt gt grandfather Samuel was born in 1835 - many of the Irelands are mine. My parents lived not far from Tilton at Sludge Hall in the 1950s - Alan and Joyce Ireland. A gem of a site - love the picture of gravestones - the Sarah Ireland one is mine :-)

Linda Burdett 05 May 2010
A great site. It's helped me get a little more info on my Burton roots. I'm glad I found it.
It has been interesting reading all the bits of information about the village & people.

F.C.Turnbull of Houghton on the Hill 20 April 2010
I am interested to know why the family graves are not listed and illustrated in this resource.
[ED: They are now]

Betty Baker 27 March 2010
Thanks for that it is my grandad. I had been on the 1911 census and found him I cannot seem to get any more imformation who his mother was; it all seems to come to an end with his uncle.

Paul Herrington, Tilton History Group 21 March 2010
For Betty Baker, writing on 09 Feb 2009.
The 1911 Census (details available at records an Alfred James Tyler Reed living or staying at the Porter's Lodge, Lowesby (Station, presumably) on April 2nd that year.

He was then 9 years old, and was recorded as having been born in Twyford. He was living or staying with his uncle, Willie Fardell Reed, and Willie's wife and four children. This looks to be your Alfred Reed.

The free BMD website records that Alfred married Mabel Goodman in the Billesdon Registration district in the quarter ending Sept. 1925.

Sandra Baxter 01 December 2009
I am the great grandaughter of Daniel and Margaret Coleman (photos of gravestone shown on your site).

I remember visitng them at what I believe was called Blacksmith Cottage, their home in the village and also that Daniel was a keen follower of the local hunt.

Some fabulous information and overall a great site well done.

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