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antony 04 November 2005
im looking for some one huw lived here a long time ago john burbige

Jill King 02 November 2005
What an amazing site - I put"Tilton" in the search engine to locate the place - chasing relatives and found - joy of joy -8 pages of root trees to search through.
Well done, excellent, and THANK YOU!
PS main family here is Hawkins.

Carolyn Lofquist 22 September 2005
Have just spent some time going over your website thoroughly. Congratulations on a very thorough site.

My Grandmother, Margaret Bamford, was born in Tilton Wood Cottages in 1884. We never knew her as she died in Ontario just after the birth of my mother in 1918.

Three of her sisters are in your records - Alice, b. 1877 married William Matthews of Carlton Curlieu in 1897; Sarah Ann married John Thomas Rodwell in 1891 and Elizabeth married Alfred Arthur Perkins in 1899. On your census for 1891, you have John's surname as Rotwell - it should be Rodwell. He was from Frisby-on-the-Wreake.

Thanks for an interesting site - I hope to get to Tilton on the Hill and area sometime.


GINNY hOFFMAN 15 September 2005
Is this the Tilton with the "Literary Matters Country Festival? Do you know where I can get information?

Peter Holmes 22 August 2005
A very interesting and well prepared site. My father's uncle Ray HOLMES and wife Myrtle farmed at Tilton up to the mid/late 1960's until his retitrement and moving to Oadby. Ray came from Spalding area of Lincolnshire.
I wonder what was the name of the farm which I remember occasionally visiting in late 1950's or for the next few years. Did they have children born whilst they were there? Ray now deceased (Myrtle possibly also).

Jodi Nelson 04 August 2005
Wonderful website!!!!! Thanks so much for
all your hard work. Loved everything about it.
Looking for Hornbuckles. So glad I found this beautiful site. Many thanks. May God Bless.

Margaret Osmond 16 July 2005
I found this site quite by accident and was excited to find some of the missing pieces to my jigsaw - regarding the Granger family living at Tilton. Thank you for all your hard work.
Australia doesn't seem so far away now!!

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