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David Tilton 15 November 2007
I visited the Cathedral and the Vicar in February 2004. Beautiful West Highland Terriers and nice tea, dear Sir!

Yes the Tiltons of Tilton left around 1600. I spent alot of time researching our history. The vicar gave me the names of a couple Tiltons who were still very energetic about our pre-American history in England. If you want to start, read Richardson's book "The Tilton Territory". That's a good start.

David (currently unable to get to me box of Tilton history).

Judi Kelly 24 October 2007
My gt,gt grandfather,William Bryan, married Ann Ireland at Tilton Church in 1824.He was a silk weaver.They moved to Lubbenham,where I believe there were Irelands.First daughter Elizabeth was born here. They then moved to Oakham where Ann was born in 1826,she was christened at Tilton. Wife Ann died about 1830 and William remarried and moved to Kettering.
I can find no information about the Ireland family and do not know the origins of William although I note that there were Bryans in Tilton.
Can anyone help please
Judi Kelly

dawn watson 12 October 2007
Enjoyed looking at the site , found somethings really usefull.
I liked the pictures of the rose and crown as it was where my ancestors once lived , they were called springthorpes, i belive there had been at least 3 or 4 generations living in and around tilton.
sadly I couldn't look at the pictures of the gravestones ,says there is an error.
Im hoping to come to Tilton in the near future to have a look around and visit the roes and crown and the church yard myself.
If anyone reads this and springthorpe rings a bell or they know anything about the family it would be great to hear from you .

nicola eames 10 October 2007
hy i am from bath england

Katrina Macdonald 03 October 2007
Hello, I'm in need of some practical help. My friend Lena Novak lives in Tilton and works in the local shop,her partner is called Simon and she has a daughter called Bessy who is two and a bit. I have lost her address and phone number and she forgot to enclose hers in the recent mail I recieved from her. If any locals are reading this could you please tell her my dillemma and ask that she contact me again.

Many thanks

Katrina Macdonald

Mike & Penny Tilton 01 October 2007
Looking for family in the family named village. My husband's mother has done fmaliy genealogy for 15 years and has lot of family information. We're thinking about visiting Tilton. Any Tilton's living in Tilton? We live in Reno, NV with lots of family in California, USA. Cheers!

Edward Tilton 07 August 2007
There are no Tiltons in Tilton on Hill.
When did they leave ?
Where did they go?

[ed: They were never here...]

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