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emeka 27 June 2005
thanks for ths work well doneooooooooooooooo

Edward Tilton 10 June 2005
What! No Tiltons?

farr 08 June 2005
just passing thro grandfather was farming here in 1900 s mum remembers the scattergoods beautifully kept little cottage

james 26 May 2005
Hello from <a href="" target=blank> I found this site while searching for Thomas Cowper of Chester.

Robin Fancott 15 April 2005
Loved the ref. to our ancestor "Old Fishy Fancott". We have a loose group of about a dozen Fancotts in Canada

Marie Mills 29 March 2005
What a great site at last I've found where Great Great Grandfather Knights came from, this has been puzzling me for ages. Many thanks.

Sara Kathryn Wamsley Fields 22 February 2005
Fascinating information! Many thanks for providing this site. Just beginning a search of my maiden name. My father's name was Lomax Wamsley, Jr., who passed 1/10/77 in Potomac, MD, USA. Will be back again.

"Sally" Sara K. W. Fields

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