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Anonymous 09 February 2005
Found the website great
Thanks Lyn Walker

Lyn Walker 09 February 2005
I am trying to find ny husbands ancestors, his great grandfather was Edward Neep Walker who was born 1844, his parents were William Walker and Ann Nixon and they were butchers in Halstead

Jack PENFORD 05 February 2005
What a good example your site is for other villages to emulate. My PENFORD ancestry in Tilton and Halstead was first seen by me over 20 years ago but I hadn't realised there were COXES to be found too. Thanks.

Jacqui Slater 04 February 2005
Brought back memories of many visits to my relatives who lived in Tilton. Thank you for the photographs the graves of two of my aunties and their husbands. I will be visiting again.

Don Crenshaw 17 January 2005
Very helpfull

Doing research on Jane Randell of Halstead who married John Shelton. I am sure to use your site again.

Wayne Eames 10 January 2005
Hello:I'm researching the Eames family
here in Ontario,Canada and was wondering if you could perhaps helping myself establishing some sort of connection with the Eames name there and here in Canada...............Many Thanks
Wayne Eames

David Demaine 08 January 2005
A quick visit to your site indicates that there is material of interest to me. I will be back soon.

David Demaine

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