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George Warcup 04 January 2005
Good helpful site . My wife Nola nee Wildbore is decended from Rev Charles Wildbore who was Vicar of Tilton on the Hill cc 1826. We would appreciate any infomation you can give us. Thanks.

Web Critic 03 January 2005
Great revamp. Now you need to make all the pages look this good!

Sally 28 December 2004
found some v useful connections to my maiden name - Humphrey - from Rutland area.
e.g. William Donall Humphrey born 1814.

Nic 10 December 2004
Wonderful site, very thorough! A first-class project!

val seal 26 November 2004
What a good site.Someone has worked very hard. My great grandfather, Thomas Henry Broom lived in Tilton from about 1871 until his death in 1939. He was the postman and had 11 children in a tiny cottage. We are thrilled to see that their home has now been named
Broom(e) cottage.

David Chamberlain 29 October 2004
Superb web site. I am researching my family history and found the genealogy section very interesting although I am still looking for information on two of my relatives who are listed as born in Halstead and Tilton on the Hill.

Celia Buckley 09 October 2004
Great Website-
I was interested in seeing the gravestone of Richard Freeman - My maiden name was Freeman, daughter of John Harris Freeman, (Mother Kathleen) At this stage unable to track down my grandfather, I do know he was from a well known Oakham family.

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