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Annette 11 February 2004
I have been searching for the name Swingler and wasn't having much luck until I came across your magic site and found heaps. Thank you for your great work. Mostly interested in Woodford, Northampton, however it seems Tilton, Leicester is not far away and I now have new leads to follow up.

Jean 05 January 2004
Hello from the States! Fun to find Pickards still in Leicester. My first known grandparent was Alleyne Pyccard, abt. 1510, from Willoughby, Waterlys, or the vice versa?! I'll be back---

Dick Needham 28 November 2003
Found needed dates for my line..well done. Hoping to go back further than Thomas Needham (1751).

Peter Barsby 27 November 2003
Congratulations on an excellent and helpful site.

adda 17 October 2003
Great website - very interesting and informative.

chris 12 October 2003
cool site. 06 October 2003
If you have found this site useful, I would be grateful to hear your comments here.

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