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Stuart Forsdick 01 October 2016
I lived down the road in Twyford but new a few school mates from Tilton hello to all.

Geoff Crane 22 July 2016
Great website with loads of info..... well done! Next time I'm in the area I will stay locally for a few days.

mark temple 01 June 2016
I am also a volunteer for the National Trust talk service and guide at Stoneywell near Loughborough. I am hoping to do a talk about lost Leicestershire mills to our local history group later in the year and I wonder if C you can help by putting me in touch with anyone in your local history group with photographs or information about windmills that existed in the Tilton area. I have seen one picture in the book by Nigel Moon of Tilton Post Mill. Thanks, Mark Temple

Plowman 03 August 2015
What a fantastic resource. Have found the complete record of part of our family on here. Thank you so much for all the hardwork that has gone in to creating this site.

Benjamin Tilton 26 June 2015
Benjamin Tilton , 840 Old Homestead, Swanzey, New Hampshire
Will Visit some day!

Nick Doe 31 May 2015
Very thorough and well-presented site. Almost as good as a wander around, which being in Canada is difficult for me. I was looking at the stones to see how they weathered -- not often a geologist gets to look at rocks with their dates written on them -- and have a few questions if anyone is interested in helping in that regard.

Jonathan Headland 12 May 2015
Have found so much on here about my great grandmas relatives (Curtis Family). Only found out they were from tilton once I started on my family trees.

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