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Cold Newton Census Returns - 1841

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
James CliffordHead45Y
Joshua Clifford30Y
Mary King30Y
Elizabeth Tanner11Y
Ann MartinHead30Y
Helen Flint12Y
Thomas Cook30Y
John Cook15Y
Henry WhiteHead50Y
Ann White50Y
Catherine Johnson15Y
John Horsepool20Y
Thomas Wright15Y
Daniel CumberlandHead45Y
Catherine Cumberland50Y
Daniel Cumberland20Y
Charlotte Cumberland15Y
Helen Cumberland13Y
Ann Rox15
Robt Cumberland30Y
Henry Wright15
George Henson12Y
Willm StablefordHead60Y
Ann Stableford60Y
John IllsonHead60Y
Alice Illson55Y
Frances MarriottHead20Y
Joseph Peberdy20Y
John Sturgess15Y
Thomas HumphryHead45Y
Eliz Humphry11Y
Amelia Humphry5Y
Elizabeth Jaeson15Y
Wm Jarvis20Y
Mark Seaton12Y
Wm LargeHead55Y
Ann Large55Y
Pickard Large20Y
John Large20Y
Joseph Large15Y
Mary FrisbyHead15Y
Ann Tuckwood11Y
Thomas ThirlbyHead75Y
Ann Thirlby65Y
John FrithHead60Y
Isaac Frith20Y
Elizabeth Johnson15Y
Thomas GambleHead50Y
Ann Gamble45Y
John JohnsonHead40Y
Elizabeth Johnson40Y
Elizabeth Johnson9Y
Maria Johnson6Y
Thomas JohnsonY
Robert SketchleyHead35Y
Ann Sketchley40Y
John Sketchley13Y
Mary Sketchley10Y
Robert SketchleyY
Elizabeth Sketchley6Y
Ann Sketchley2Y
Thomas FarmerHead25Y
Mary Farmer20Y
John Farmer2Y
Maria Farmer7 MoY
William JohnsonHead40Y
Lydia Johnson40Y
Emanuel Johnson10Y
John BentHead20Y
Sarah Bent20Y
William Bent5 MoY
Samuel RandallHead45Y
Esther Randall45Y
William RuddleHead50Y
Frances Ruddle50Y
John Ruddle20Y
Jane Ruddle15Y
John GoodmanHead60Y
Mary Goodman55Y
Charles Goodman20Y
David Goodman15Y
Elizabeth FlintHead45Y
Job Flint15Y
James Flint14Y
William PoleHead50Y
Elizabeth Pole40Y
Mary Pole5Y
Catherine Pole3Y
Jane Pole3 MoY
Sarah Smith15Y
Robert BathHead40
Sarah Bath45
Benjn BillsonHead25Y
Mary Billson25Y
Elizabeth Billson5Y
Thomas Billson2Y
William Billson3 MoY
John FlintHead20Y
Joseph AllenHead55Y
Sarah Allen55Y
Robert SharpHead50Y
Mary Sharp45Foreign Parts
Richard MorleyHead55Y
Elizabeth Morley55Y

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