Google Map of Tilton on the hill

Tilton on the Hill - The Highest Place Between Here and Siberia!

Tilton on the Hill sits near the peak of the High Leicestershire area. From the Church, heading along the shortest route to Chelybinsk, Russia there is no higher place until you reach the Ural Mountains a the edge of Siberia - a distance of over 2,250miles (3,600km)!

This amazing fact reflects less how high Tilton is, but how low the land to the east is: The land rapidly falls away to the Lincolnshire fens. The next land after the North sea is Denmark, then Sweden and the Baltic sea. The Baltic states provide the only interruption before the low lands of European Russia.

Chelyabinsk, the first city over the Ural mountains, is infamous for top-secret nuclear research and consequent pollution in the environment.

Topological Profile

Shortest Route to Chelyabinsk