Google Map of Tilton on the hill

Howback Hill

View of Robin-a-Tiptoe Hill from Oakham Road

Within Tilton parish on the eastern boundary lies the distintively shaped Robin-a-Tiptoe hill. The original name was Howback Hill or Hawback Hill. The 19th century parish descriptions report that the hill was the home of a Roman station and that the entrenchments can still be traced.

Legend has it that a sheep-stealer named Robin was hanged there - or at least was supposed to be. He is supposed to have been so tall that his feet touched the ground and friends managed to cut him free before the rope strangled him.

Howback of Robin-a-Tiptoe had 3 trees rumoured to have been planted by Lord Berners to recall the time that Robin cheated the hangman. Lord Berners lived at Keythorpe Hall and it seems more probable that he had the trees planted to give his guests a line across country when returning from hunting or as a warning to sheep stealers.

Sources: The Leicester Advertiser 16 March 1957