Google Map of Tilton on the hill

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This site was researched, designed and written by Andrew Soper. The research alone took thousands of hours. Please don't make illegal copies of this website. If you have enjoyed it, please leave a comment in the guestbook


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Data Sources

  • The census returns are ©National Archives and were taken from microfilm at The Family Records Centre, 1 Myddelton Street, London
  • The grave images are ©Andrew Soper and were taken in March 2003
  • Parish Descriptions from Post Office Directories
  • Village Genealogy: Simpson family website
  • Copies of the Parish registers can be viewed at the Leicester Record Office
  • IGI Index records for Tilton
  • The Leicester Advertiser 16 March 1957
  • Historical Directories Digital Library of local and trade directories
  • Ordnance Survey map of the area at 1:25,000 (to show parish boundaries)