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Census Returns

There has been a census taken in the United Kingdom every ten years since 1801. However, those for 1801, 1811, 1821 and 1831 were statistical only. Those since 1841 contain information about individuals, their occupations and families. The census returns are available online via the National Archives after 100 years.

The Ecclesiastical parish of Tilton on the Hill, containing Tilton, Halstead, Marefield and Whatborough, fell under the registration district of Billesdon during the 19th Century. Together, they made up a single complete Enumeration District. Transcriptions for the Tilton enumeration district have been completed and can be accessed below.

Year Date Civil Parish Transcribed
18417 June 1841TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
185131 March 1851TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
18618 April 1861TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
18713 April 1871TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
18814 April 1881TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
18916 April 1891TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
19011 April 1901TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton
19113 April 1911TiltonHalsteadWhatboroughMarefieldLowesbyCold Newton

In 1841, the census differed significantly from those that followed: It rounded down ages, did not show family relationships. In 1851 the census date was moved to March / April in order to capture more of mobile agricultural-based population at their usual addresses. William Large completed many of the early census returns, presumably the same William Large as lived in Halstead.

All UK census information is Crown Copyright. The originals are held at the Public Record Office, from where copies can be obtained. Transcribing these records has taken me significant time and effort. Please do not copy the details to other web pages without reference to this website. Please report any errors and omissions.