Google Map of Tilton on the hill

St. Peters Parish Church

There has been a place of worship on the site of St. Peter's Church for at least 1,200 years. The present church owes much of it's size to the Digby family, who were lords of the manor during the 16th Century. A list of ministers for St. Peter's, derived from OPR's, Census returns and gravestones can be found here.

Church Spire

Wesleyan Chapel


The Wesleyian, or Methodist, Chapel stands between present day Tilton and Halstead. It was constructed in 1813 on land leased on a 99 year lease for a 3 peppercorn rent. The chapel was subsequently enlarged and resdiesigned twice in the mid 19th Century. It was refurbished in the 1980's, with small extension added.
The chapel has little land surrounding it and no place of Burial. It is not known if the Chapel remains on leased land.