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Ministers of St. Peter's Tilton on the Hill

JP Nevile00
CurateGF Smith00circa 1866
Richard Pilkington00circa 1865
RectorGeorge Robert Oakley001807Born in Ireland. Ordained Trinity College Dublin 1830
Appointed Stipendary Curate in 1830 of Barkby

cced record ID 50140
Officiating MinisterEdward Pollard00circa 1872
JE Swington00circa 1895
RectorThomas Norris00circa 1887
SN Leggett00circa 1877
CurateGeorge J A Jones001803Born Bridgewater Somerset.
Later Curate of Lowesby
RectorJohn R Redhead001805Rector of Thurnby and Stoughton
MinisterWilliam LANTE16041607
MinisterChristopher DENNIE1116111622
MinisterPercival HILL116251626
VicarThomas Mannering16261663Ordained 1607
Appointed 17 May 1626
Pluralist: also Rector of Weldon, Northants.
Vacated 29 Apr 1663 Natural Death

CCEd Person ID 99549
CurateWilliam GARFIELD1216261638
MinisterAnthomus GRAVES116591660
CurateRobert Ridgeway216601662MA
VicarJohn GREY816631671Ordained Priest, John Lichfield and Coventry, 24/09/1660
VicarJohn Smith5616731712BA Oxford Trinity
Deacon, preacher 24 Sep 1694
Curate 23 Sep 1700
Death 4 Feb 1714
CurateThomas Smith16960Deacon 8 Jun 1696
Curate 31 May 1697
Ordained 1696

CCEd Person ID 105610
VicarJohn (Son of above) SMITH1617131729Death 14 Apr 1738

Vacated post in Tilton on Death
CCEd Person ID 76630
CurateRobt SEAGRAVE317161719
CurateWilliam COLE17191721
CurateEverard Breton17241727BA Cambridge Magdalene
CurateWilliam Baresby71730173717031763Adm. pens. at EMMANUEL, May 24, 1721. Of Leics. School, Oakham. ' Matric. 1721; Scholar; LL.B. 1727. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 19, 1725; priest, Sept. 20, 1730. R. of Lowesby, Leics., 1738. V. of Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, 1745. Died 1763. (Nichols, III. 347, 382.)
VicarThomas Metcalfe10173817471706MA Cambridge
Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY, Feb. 12, 1724-5. S. of Thomas, of Northallerton, Yorks. B. at Sand Hutton, 1706. Bapt. Mar. 28, 1706. School, Kirkleatham, Yorks. (Mr Clark). ' Matric. 1724-5; Scholar, 1726; B.A. 1728-9; M.A. 1732. Fellow, 1731. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Mar. 10, 1733-4; priest, Mar. 2, 1734-5. V. of Tilton, Leics., 1733-69. R. of Narborough, 1737-64. V. of St Margaret's, Leicester. R. of Kirkby Overblow, Yorks., 1762-74. Married Anne, dau. of William Smelt, of Kirkby Fleetham. Died Feb. 10, 1774. Buried at Stokesley. M.I. (Burke, L.G.)

CCEd Person ID: 70553
Appointed Tilton 14 Apr 1738
Vacated Tilton Cessation 18 12 1769
CurateJohn CARR1317481760
CurateEdward Wills Carr231761178417391793BA Cambridge
Adm. sizar at PEMBROKE, Nov. 27, 1755. S. of John (1726-7), clerk, of Ashby-Folville, Leics. ' Matric. Lent, 1758; B.A. 1762; M.A. 1789. V. of Lowesby, Leics., 1775-93. R. of Hareston (? Harlestone, Northants.), 1789-93. Died June 30, 1793, aged 54. M.I. at Ashby-Folville. (Nichols, III. 33, 347.)

CCEd Person ID 46911
Was Vicar of Lowesby 1775 - 1793
VicarBenjamin Barnard71765179617361815MA Cambridge
Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY, May 28, 1755. S. of John, of Westminster. School, Westminster. ' Matric. Michs. 1755; Scholar, 1756. B.A. 1759; M.A. 1762. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 23, 1759; priest (Peterb.) Nov. 21, 1761. V. of Oundle, Northants., 1765-96. V. of Tilton, Leics., 1789-96. Preb. of Peterborough, 1789. Chancellor of the dio. of Peterborough, 1790-4. V. of Barthomley, Cheshire, 1796. R. of Alwalton, Hunts., 1800-1. R. of Peakirk-cum-Glinton, Northants., 1801-15. Died Sept. 15, 1815, aged 81 (sic). Buried at Peakirk. Monumental inscription.(aged 79). (G. Mag.; H. I. Longden.)

CCEd Person ID 5622
VicarRobert Lambert17691789Curate Gunby St. Nicholas 1739
Rector Stainby 1754 - 1771
Rector Saxby 1763 - 1787
Died Tilton

Patron Surname Title Forename Gender Guardian Resid. Office
Noel Esquire Thomas Male Missing Exon, Rutland
CurateJohn DAVENPORT917851793
CurateThomas CLULOW31794179617651797Ordained 19 Jul 1789 York
Curate of Wysall, Nottinghamshire
Son of William, born Leek, Staffs
Has one of the most mysterious graves in the church
VicarCharles WILDBORE321796182817671842BA Sidney Sussex Cambridge
Deacon Vernon Harcourt
There is a memorial in the church.
CurateSamuel Thomas Bloomfield81819182717831869BA Cambridge 1908

Adm. pens. at SIDNEY, June 29, 1804. S. and h. of Samuel, of Boston, Lincs. B. Jan. 19, 1783, at Wisbech, Cambs. School, Wisbech (Mr Oswyn and Mr Coulcher). Scholar, 1805; matric. Easter, 1806, as Blomfield; B.A. 1808, as Blumfield; M.A. 1811; D.D. 1829, as Bloomfield. Incorp. at Oxford, 1845, as Bloomfield, S. T. Ord. deacon, 1809; priest, 1810. V. of Bisbrooke, Rutland, 1814-69. Hon. Canon of Peterborough, 1854-69. Author, theological. Died Sept. 28, 1869, aged 85, at Hone House, Wandsworth Common. (Boase; Al. Oxon.)

Stipendiary Curate of Tilton
ReverandRobert Augustus Lafargue18200
CurateCharles Dudley318281830MA Cambridge
Adm. pens. at CLARE, Oct. 12, 1818. B. at Humberstone, Leics. [Perhaps s. of John (1780).] ' Matric. Michs. 1819; B.A. 1823; M.A. 1827.
Stipendiary Curate of Tilton
Stipend £50 and £15 in lieu of a house.
CurateWilliam Clifton Beeson CLIFTON81830183718041843BA Cambridge
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, May 12, 1821. Of Lincs. S. of John (Beeson), of Grantham, Lincs. [and Frances, dau. of the Rev. William Clifton, B.D., R. of Clifton, Notts.]. School, Uppingham (exhibitioner). ' Matric. Michs. 1822; B.A. 1826. Ord. priest (Lincoln) Sept. 21, 1828 (William Clifton Beeson Clifton); C. (to the Rev. William Clifton, B.D., his grandfather), at Lissington, Lincs., 1828. P.C. of Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leics., 1831-43. Married Mary Anne, dau. of William King, Esq., of Sileby, Leics., July 5, 1827, at Scrayingham, Yorks. Died Mar. 6, 1843, aged 39, at Dorchester. Brother of Henry C. (1825) and John C. (1822). (G. Mag., 1843, I. 544; E. H. Clifton.)

CCEd Person ID 48515
Stipendiary Curate of Tilton
Stipend £65; to reside. In margin: 'revoked Dec 24 1834'
CurateJohn Moore518361840VENN
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, July 4, 1828. Of Leicestershire. ' Matric. Michs. 1830; B.A. 1834; M.A 1837. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 20, 1835; priest, Sept. 25, 1836. C. of Ashton, Northants., -1841-52. R. of Kilverstone, Norfolk, 1853-74. Disappears from Crockford, 1876. Father of John L. M. (1862).

CCED Person ID 70709
Curate/VicarGerard NEVILE341841187418161881MA Cambridge
Adm. Fell.-Com. at ST CATHARINE'S, June 8, 1835. [3rd] s. of the Rev. Henry William (next). R. of Cottesmore, Rutland (and Amelia Mann). B. there, 1815. Matric. Michs. 1835; B.A. 1840; M.A. 1844. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) 1840; priest, 1841. V. of Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leics., 1843-74. Married, Aug. 18, 1842, Rosamund, dau. of Sir Matthew Blakiston [3rd] Bart., and had issue. Died May 11, 1881, at 15, Somerset Place, Bath. (Crockford; Burke, L.G.; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; The Guardian, May 18, 1881.)
There is a memorial in the church.
RectorJohn Fernindando Wilkinson0185018611804BA Christ's College Cambridge
VicarCranbourne Arthur WATTS31874187718421908MA Cambridge
Adm. pens. (age 19) at MAGDALENE, Oct. 5, 1861. S. of James, doctor, of Battle, Sussex. [B. July 6, 1842.] School, Lancing College?? Matric. Michs. 1861; LL.B. 1867. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1869; priest, 1873; C. of Handsworth, Yorks., 1869-71. C. of Bagnall, Staffs., 1871-4. V. of Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leics., 1874-7. C. of Capesthorne, Cheshire, 1878-80. C. of Christ Church, Coventry, 1880-1. Of Batheaston in 1892. Disappears from Crockford, 1903. (Lancing Reg.; Clergy List.)
VicarWilliam Chippindall361877191418301914MA Cambridge
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Nov. 11, 1847. Matric. Michs. 1848; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1855. Ord. deacon, 1853; priest (York) 1854; C. of Foston, 1853-4. C. of Dinton, 1854-5. Held various curacies for short periods, 1855-75. V. of Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leics., 1877-1914. Died Mar. 21, 1914, aged 84, at Norwood. (Crockford, 1913; The Times, Mar. 24, 1914.)

Married Constance Cecilia Thorald, a widower, in 1876 in Marylebone, London
There is a memorial in the church.
RectorJohn Reginald Davenport1890191118491930Started circa 1890 on death of father, in position in 1911
VicarHarry Victor Floyd441913195718701957Born Soham, Cambridgeshire, son of a Chemist
m. 1893 London
Buried Tilton - note he was 87 at death and still working!
His grave is in the churchyard.

according to Kelly's Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland, 1916, He took over Lowesby from 1912, Tilton from 1913.
RevDavid Walter Hoare1959196519041978Descended from William the Conqueror - See

Minister by 1959 to after 1965 - See the phone books.

HOARE, David Walter. New Coll. Ox. B.A
VicarJohn Wrake71966197319280WRAKE, John, b 28. Clifton Theological College 56. d 59 p 60 Chelmsf. C of Gt Baddow 59-62; CF 62-66; V of Tilton-on-the-Hill and Halstead w Lowesby and Cold Newton Dio Leic 66-73; R of Maresfield 73-79. c\o Maresfield Rectory,
{Crockford's clerical directory: being a statistical book of reference for facts relating to the clergy and the church
Publisher Oxford University Press, 1980}

John Wrake, author of Looking for the Painter, has gathered together the results of some 35 years of original research into his family, together with the labours of others writing about Faversham and information culled from national and county records, to formulate an intriguing theory as to the identity of the painter and how he remained anonymous - and unprosecuted after the murder.John writes with authority and can trace his ancestry back as far as his 16th century Faversham namesake, John Wrake, Mayor in 1550.Now living in Maresfield in East Sussex, he joined the Army in 1945 and was commissioned from Sandhurst in 1948.He served in Malaya, the UK and Germany, before resigning his commission in 1956 to train for ministry in the Church of England. He was ordained in 1959 and after service in several parishes spent eight years as Director of the Warwickshire Rural Community Council.With a family of three children, he retired in 1993.

Looking for the Painter is now on sale at the Fleur de Lis, price 2.95 (3.95 by post to UK).An attractive chapbook-style cover by Jack Salmon features the main buildings involved in the story John has to tell - Arden's House, the old NW tower of Faversham Church and 6 Market Place.

VicarEverard Williams111974198519181991WILLIAMS, Everard. b 18. St Aid Coll 56. d 58 p 59 Ches. C of Mottram 58-62; V of Dunham-on-the-Hill 62-73; Tilton-on-the-Hill and Halstead w Lowesby and Cold Newton Dio Leic from 74. Tilton Vicarage, Leicesler. (Tilton 244)

{Crockford's clerical directory: being a statistical book of reference for facts relating to the clergy and the church
Publisher Oxford University Press, 1980}

Died Yeovil, Somerset
VicarMichael WALLS619851991Revd. Michael WALLS. Priest in charge of St Saviour and St Peter's parish, Highfields, Leicester. South Africa- born priest forced out.
newspaper article, Daily Telegraph, 02.11.85.
Reverand CanonHugh R BROAD19912008see Open Letter on ordination of women to the episcopate
retired 31 July 2008
See English Churchman
page 9
Reverand CanonJane Curtis20090Appointed 29 July 2009
See English Churchman