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TILTON-ON-THE-HILL, a small village upon a lofty eminence nearly 9 miles W. by S. of Oakham and 11 miles E. by N. of Leicester, has in its township 180 inhabitants and ???? of land, but the parish includes also Marefield, Halstead and Whatborough townships and comprises altogether 3000 acres, but only 432 inhabitants. The representatives of the late Rev. Robert Wildbore are lords of the manor of Tilton, but the greater part of the soil belongs to Lord Berners, J.P. Sikes, Esq, William Hutton, Esq. C.T. Freer, Esq. and some smaller proprietors. At Howback Hill, there is supposed to have been a roman station, and several entrenchments may still be traced. The manor has been held by various families, and was sold, in 1624, by Sir K Digby to the Harvey family for £10,000. In 1742, Michael Harvey sold it to Bartholomew Clarke for £28,000. The Church (St. Peter) is a large and handsome fabric with nave, aisles, chancel, south porch, and a tower containing a clock and four bells, and crowned by a lofty spire, which is seen from a great distance. It stands inn Halstead township, and was restored, in 1854, at a cost of £1300, when new foors were placed over the nave and south aisle, an organ was purcahsed, a new floor laid down, new pulpit and reading desk provided, and the church fitted throughout with open benches. Here are three stone monuments in memory of Sir Everard and Sir John Digby, and the wife of the latter. Both the knights are represented in armour. The vicarage , valued in 1535 at £12 16s 6d, and now £380 has no glebe and is in the alternate patronage of Richard Sutton, Esq. Edward XXX Esq, and the Rev. Richard Adnutt. The Rev. G. Nevile, M.A. is incumbent and Richard Sutton, Esq. is impropriator of the rectory. The tithes were commuted in 1843 - the vicarial for £359, and the recotrial for £92 per annum; and the vicarage house, a handsome stone building was erected in 1850 at a cost of £1250. The National School was built, in 1844, of stone got in the parish, and given by H Nevile, Esq. The great tithes are charged with the expense of providing a bull for the use of the parish and formerly provided a boar also. The poor have the interest of £15, left by one chamberlain. The Weslyans have a chapel here, which stands partly in the and partly in Halstead township, and was built in 1813, on land let on a 99 years' lease at a nominal rent of three peppercorns a year, by the late T. Sikes, Esq. It was enlarged in 1834 and again in 1862.

Post Office at William Oliver's. Letters arrive from Billesdon at 9 morning and are dispatched and 5¼ afternoon.


Marefield, or South Mardefeld is a small township in the parish 1½ miles N. by E. of Tilton. It has only 28 inhabitants, and 516 acres of land, in a detached part of Gartree Hundred. Thomas Cooper Hincks, Esq. is owner of the soil and lord of the manor. The soil is chiefly clay and the ground hilly, and watered by a small rivulet. The Framers and Graziers are Thomas Clarke, John Martin Sarah Jane Martin, William Snow, and William Reeve Warrington.


Halstead is a straggling village and township in Tilton parish, eight miles W. by S. of Oakham, and eleven miles E. of Leicester. It adjoins Tilton and Contains 211 inhabitants and 1310 acres of Land, having various soil and hilly surfac, some parts being clay and others gravel. Here are several petrifying springs. Richard Sutton, Esq. is lord of the manor, but part of the soil belongs to E.A. Holden, Esq. Mrs. Mary Sikes, J.P. Sikes, Esq., the Rev. Richard Adnutt, and Lord Berners. At the dissolution, the manor, which belonged to Launde Priory, was granted to Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex.

Chester Mrs Isabella Randell Mary, shopkeeper
Clarke John William, tailor Stirton James, steward for Richard Sutton, Halstead House
Lane Arthur, carpenter FARMERS AND GRAZIERS
Large William, miller, Tilton Mill Burton Thomas Large John
Needham James, shoemaker Hart William Roe William
Randell James, balcksmith


Whatborough, a small manor and township in Tilton Parish is about 7 miles W. of Oakham, and contains only 13 inhabitants and 400 acres, in the three farms, occupied by Thos. Selby, John Large, and Sarah Barsby, and belonging to All Souls' College, Oxford; but held on lease by J.D. Barnard, Esq. and the executors of the late Robert Peake and Samuel Bullock, Esqrs. It has been variously called Wadborough and Westberge, and formerly belonged to Albertbury Priory, Shropshire, which was a cell to Grandimont Abbey. At the suppression of the Alien Monasteries this manor was given to All Souls' College.

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TILTON-on-the-HILL is a township, village, and parish, 11 miles east from Leicester, 3 miles north-eat from Billesdon, and 10 south from Melton Mowbray, in the Hundred of east Goscote, Billesdon Union, Peterborough bis???, North Leicestershire. The living is a vicarage, value £380; the present incumbent is the Rev. Gerard Nevile, M.A.; it is in the alternate gift of H. Nevile, Esq., E. A. Holden, Esq., and the Rec. R. T. Adnutt. The Church of St. Peter is an old and handsome building restored in 1834, with a nave, aisles, chancel, south porch, tower, 4 bells and lofty spire. There are a Weslyan Chapel and a National School. The population, in 1831, was for Tilton township 202; the average 1,000. The manor is divided. Stone is quarried here. At Howback Hill are the entrenchments of a Roman station.

HALSTEAD is a township in the parish of TIlton-on-the-Hill, 11 miles east from Leicester, and 3 from Billesdon, with 176 inhabitants. Here are some p??? springs. The Wesleyans habe a small Chapel.

MAREFIELD, or South Marderfeld, a township ??? to Tilton-on-the-Hill, 1 mile from Tilton-on-the-Hill. Thomas Cooper Hincks, Esq, is lord or the manor. The number of People is 27, and of acres 130.

WHATBOROUGH is a township in the parish of Tilton-on-the-Hill, with 5 people, and 330 acres. The manor and land belong to All Souls College, Oxford. This was a Roman settlement.

Tilton-on-the-Hill Halstead Whatborough
Gentry Traders Barsby Francis, grazier
Chesler William, esq. Burton Thomas, grazier Burbidge Thomas, grazier
Nevile Rev. Gerard, M.A. (vicar) Christian William, farmer and grazier Silby Thomas, farmer and grazier
Sykes James Parkes, esq Large John, carpenter Marefield
Traders Large William, miller Clark Thomas, grazier
Burton Libeus, parish clerk Needham James, shoemaker Martin John, grazier
Butt Thomas Amos, grazier Roberts Thomas, farmer and grazier Martin Johnathan, grazier
Lane Andrew, wheelwright Roe William, grazier Needham Elizabeth (Mrs.) grazier
Long William, baliff Ward David, carrier Snow William, grazier
Needham Elizabeth Mrs, 'Rose and Crown' and grazier Ward Henry, grazier Letters are received through Leicester and Billesdon. The nearest ??? order offices are at Leicester and Melton Mowbray.
?? Wm, butcher, farmer and grazier
Randell James, blacksmith
Tomlin Thomas, grazier
Walker William, farmer and grazier
Wheat William, farmer
Carriers - David Ward, to Leicester, on saturday
National School, Joseph Green, master; Wm Green ???