Google Map of Tilton on the hill
The Manor House

The Manor House

Mysteries, Myths and Secrets of Tilton Manor House

Written by Janet Smith and Malcolm Green

  • What do you know about the village of Tilton and its Manor House?
  • How many secret passages are there
  • What did people do without a bathroom or a toilet until the 1950s?
  • What exactly IS the building in front of the Manor House?

All these questions are answered in this limited-edition booklet. The booklet also covers the connections to the gunpowder plot, which perhaps altered the fortunes of Tilton on the Hill irreparably. Copies are priced at just £4.75 each including postage and will be dispatched promptly by royal mail. Why not buy a few for your friends too?

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Church Tower Restoration Fund.