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Halstead Census Returns - 1841

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
The data for rows 1-7 is crossed out. It relates to the End of Tilton Parish and is repeated there
Halstead, West EndWilliam Randle50BlacksmithY
Elizabeth Randle45Y
James Randle19Y
William Randle16Y
Elener Randle14Y
Arther Randle10Y
Martha Randle8Y
Elizabeth Randle3Y
HalsteadWilliam Randle80BlacksmithY
Ann Randle75Y
HalsteadJohn Goodman25Ag. Lab.Y
Elizabeth Goodman25Y
Mary Goodman2Y
HalsteadJohn Banes25CarpenterY
Mary Banes25Y
John Banes1Y
Jonathan Richardson16Carp A's?Y
HalsteadJames Hays30Ag. Lab.Y
HalsteadMary Frisby25IndY
Mary Frisby8Y
William Frisby4Y
Caroline Banes20IndY
HalsteadWilliam Walker30Grazier andY
Ann Walker22ButcherY
William Walker5Y
Emma Walker4Y
John Walker2Y
Edward Walker14dY
Sophia Walker14dY
John Walker20Butchers ShY
Joseph Walpole18M.S.Y
Hanna Kerchin21F.S.Y
Matilda Measures16F.S.Y
HalsteadFrances Whitwell40BakerY
Maria Whitwell35Y
Sophia Whitwell8Y
Elizabeth Whitwell6Y
HalsteadJohn Palmer31Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Palmer25Y
Elizabeth Palmer9moY
Ann Palmer9moY
Reuben Palmer6Y
Joel Palmer3Y
Ann Botterilk?10Y
HalsteadThomas Goodwin35Ag. Lab.Y
Elizabeth Goodwin30N
William Goodwin8Y
Mary Goodwin6Y
John Goodwin3Y
HalsteadMercy Goodwin65ChairY
HalsteadIsaac Carter80Ag. Lab.Y
Frances Carter50Y
HalsteadAnn Goodman52CharsN
Samuel Goodman20Ag. Lab.Y
William Goodman14Y
HalsteadJohn Flint75Ag. Lab.Y
Ann Flint80N
HalsteadBenjamen Bunten75Ag. Lab.Y
Elizabeth Bunten75Y
HalsteadWilliam Randle40GrazierY
Alice Taylor25F.S.Y
William Holland15M.S.Y
HalsteadThomas Barnes30Boot MY
Susanna Barnes30Y
Adelade Barnes4Y
Eliza Barnes1Y
John Barnes3Y
HalsteadJesse Randle35Ag. LabY
HalsteadCatherine Randle35Y
Clark Randle13Y
Jane Randle11Y
Frances Randle9Y
Mary Randle8Y
Easter Randle7Y
Ann Randle5Y
William Randle4Y
Harriot Randle3Y
Jesse Randle1Y
HalsteadWilliam Beasley60Ag. LabN
Mary Beasley60Y
Robert Beasley25Ag. LabY
HalsteadRuth Barnes25IndY
Edwin Barnes4Y
HalsteadJames Randle40Ag. LabY
Sarah Randle40Y
Emma Randle2moY
Kannez? Pole80Y
HalsteadGeorge Mullen30ShepherdIreland
Lydia Mullen30N
June Mullen6N
William Mullen3Y
George Mullen1Y
Lydia Smyth20Milkman?Y
HalsteadJohn Darman65Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Darman65N
HalsteadJohn Stubbs25Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Stubbs20Y
Catherine Stubbs1Y
HalsteadFrances Needham55Shoe MY
James Needham15Y
Elizabeth Needham20Y
Ann Needham15Y
Robert Atkins15Shoe M ApY
John Garton85IndY
HalsteadTimothy Taylor60Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Taylor60Y
Ann Taylor9Y
HalsteadJohn Taylor55Ag. Lab.Y
Alice Taylor50Y
Thomas Taylor15Y
Frisby Taylor15Y
Eliza Taylor12Y
James Taylor4Y
HalsteadRobert Barnes20Ag. Lab.Y
William Barnes20Y
Samuel Taylor30Ag. Lab.Y
Sarah Taylor25Y
Emma Taylor4Y
HalsteadEdwin Taylor2Y
Henry Taylor20Ag. Lab.Y
HalsteadGeorge Palmer65Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Palmer60Y
HalsteadWilliam Plumb50Ag. Lab.N
Elizabeth Plumb55Y
HalsteadJohn Flint35Ag. Lab.Y
Elizabeth Flint45Y
Ann Barsby60IndY
HalsteadSusanna Ward70IndY
Thomas Ward45Ag. Lab.Y
David Ward40Ag. Lab.Y
Ann Ward7Y
Christiana Ward5Y
HalsteadThomas Liquorish30Ag. Lab.Y
Mary Liquorish30Y
Henry Liquorish5Y
Thomas Liquorish3Y
Elizabeth Liquorish65CharsY
Charles Beasley60P.S.N
HalsteadGeorge Livingston30Ag. Lab.Y
Ann Livingston40Y
Sarah Livingston6Y
HalsteadThomas Allen45FarmerY
Agnes?? Allen35Y
Henry Atkin15IndY
John Granger20M.S.Y
Jane Carter20F.S.Y
HalsteadJohn Wright60FarmerN
Sophia Wright60Y
Thomas Wright30ClerkY
Frances Wright20PysicianY
Elizabeth Wright20Y
Christopher Wright20Y
John Wright4Y
John Barnes17M.S.Y
William Kestin18M.S.Y
Walter Weston20M.S.N
Elizabeth Barnes20F.S.Y
Sophia Sparks19F.S.Y
Barnet Fennel30Ag. Lab.Scotland
Charles Fennel35Ag. Lab.Scotland
Halstead House, Halstead No1James Gibbons50GrazierY
Lydia Gibbons50Y
Henery Gibbons15Y
Emelia Gibbons10Y
Christopher Woolman14M.S.Y
Halstead Lodge, Halstead No2Thomas Burton30GrazierN
Ellen Burton30N
James Pridmore25M.S.N
White Lodge, Halstead No3William Brown35GrazierN
Jane Brown35N
Ann Brown3Y
Mary Brown2Y
Elizabeth Brown4moY
Susanna Barwell20F.S.N
Robert Taylor20M.S.Y
William Shiff15M.S.N
Halstead Lodge House, Halstead No 4George Stubbs50N
Mary Stubbs50Y
Thomas Stubbs15Y
Ann Stubbs15Y
Catherine Stubbs12Y
George Stubbs20Y
Sophey Hilyard19F.S.Y
William Hilyard15M.S.Y
George Wood20M.S.Y
Thomas Harrison15M.S.Y
End of Halstead

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