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Marefield Census Returns - 1861

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Sarah Jane MartinHeadW34Farmer of 16 acres of LandLeicester, Tilton
Ruben MartinSon8ScholarLeicester, Marefield
Robert Needham MartinSon6ScholarLeicester, Marefield
Harriet Elizabeth NeedhamDaur3Leicester, Marefield
Robert NeedhamLodgerU46Ag. LabLeicester, Knossington
Johnathan MartinHeadMar73retired FarmerLeicester, Marefield
Elizabeth MartinWifeMar76Leicester, East Norton
William SnowHeadMar69Farmer of 90 acres of LnadLeicester, Somerby
Ruth SnowWifeMar60Farmer's WifeLeicester, Halstead
Henry AtkinNephewU35ShepherdLeicester, Halstead
Harriet FawlksServU19General ServRutland, Ashwell
Thomas ClarkeHeadMar59Farmer of 124 acres of LandLeicester, Great Easton
Sarah ClarkeWifeMar50Farmer's WifeLeicester, Marefield
George ClarkeSon14ScholarLeicester, Marefield
Mary AllenServU17General ServLeicester, Thorpe Satchville
William RyleyServU15Farm ServLeicester, Burrow
William Reuve? WarringtonHeadMar30Farm 112 acres and Weslyan local PreacherLeicester, Barsby
Elizabeth WarringtonWifeMar31Farmer's WifeNotts, Beckingham
John Guines WarringtonSon5ScholarLeicester, Barsby
Ann Harriet WarringtonDaur3Leicester, Barsby
Ruth WarringtonDaur1Leicester, Marefield
Sarah Jane WarringtonDaur2moLeicester, Marefield
William CorbridgeServU17Farm ServLeicester, Somerby
Sarah Ann SpencerServ14Nurse MaidLeicester, Twyford
Mary FarrowVisitor10ScholarLeicester, Twyford
John MartinHeadMar72Farmer of 135 acres of LandLeicester, Marefield
Elizabeth MartinWifeMar75Farmer's WifeLeicester, Marefield
Elizabeth GleenServU18Gen ServRutland, Greetham
End of Marefield Township

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