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Marefield Census Returns - 1871

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Austin Percival LeadbetterHeadMar37GrazierLowesby
Sarah Jane LeadbetterWifeMar44Tilton
John William WardHeadMar38Grazier in small occupationWelham
Ann WardWifeMar41Slawston
Mary Louisa WardDaur5Twyford
Henry Godfrey WardSon3Twyford
Annie Clarissa WardDaur1Twyford
Walter Ashby WardSon4moMarefield
Maria BerryWife's SisterWid36welton by Welland
Mary Ann CoulsonServ14Domestic ServTwyford
Thomas ClarkeHeadMar69Grazier 124 acresGreat Easton
William Leonard ClarkeSonU25Farmer's SonMarefield
Elizabeth HubbardVisitorU24Farmer's DaurTwyford
Edward CraneServU24Ag. Lab.Tilton
Kate Amelia bernoz??ServU17Domestic ServRutland, Oakham
William FrisbyHeadMar32Grazier 112 AcresHalstead
Sarah Ann FrisbyWifeMar37Lowesby
Henry William FrisbySon5Barsby
George Leadbetter FrisbySon4Barsby
Elizabeth MartinHeadWid85Grazier 134 AcresMarefield
Sarah Ann MartinGrand-DaurU26Dairy MaidBeeby
Reuben MartinGrand-SonU18ShepherdMarefield
Martha NewboldServU18Domestic ServRutland, Exton
End of Marefield Parish

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