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Marefield Census Returns - 1891

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Farm House, MarefieldFrank WilfordHeadM35Farmer GrazierLeicester, Nether Bosworth
Elizabeth A WilfordWifeM29Leicester, Nether Bosworth
John WilfordSon8Leicester, Barkston
William WilfordSon4Notts, Upper Broughton
Charles BeltonServ13Dom. General ServantLeicester, Strekstone
Farm House, MarefieldWilliam GreavesHeadM38FarmerLeicester, Barsby
Frances GreavesWifeM34Leicester, Barsby
John W GreavesSonS14ScholarLeicester, Barsby
George H GreavesSon14ScholarLeicester, Barsby
Elizabeth GreavesDaur9ScholarLeicester, Barsby
Frnaces GreavesSon7ScholarLeicester, Bark??g??
Tom A GreavesSon5Leicester, Long Clawson
Daisey GreavesDaur3Leicester, Long Clawson
Farm House, MarefieldJames SandersonHeadM27Railway/Port SignalmanLincoln, Deeping Lame?
Fanny SandersonWifeM25Leicester, Cold Newton
Jane SandersonSon4Notts, Buttler Hill
Alfred SandersonSon2Leicester, Marefield
Fanny SandersonDaur1moLeicester, Marefield
Herbert SandersonBrotherS21Lincoln, Deeping ???
Farm House, MarefieldHector CowansHeadM60F.B. Farm ManagerNorthumberland, Netherwhitton
Jane CowansWifeM58Scotland
John CowansSonS27Farm ServantNorthumberland, Netherwhitton
William CowansSonS26Farm ServantNorthumberland, Netherwhitton
Eleanor CowansDaurS23Ag. Dairy Maid Domestic ServantNorthumberland, Netherwhitton
Martha CowansDaurS21Ag. Dairy Maid Domestic ServantNorthumberland, Netherwhitton
End of the Parish of Marefield

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