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Tilton Census Returns - 1841

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Rose and Crown TiltonThomas Needham30PublicanY
Elizabeth Needham25N
Ann Needham4Y
Thomas Needham3Y
Louisa Needham2Y
Robert Needham1Y
Joseph Palmer20M.S.Y
Anne Measures15F.S.Y
Mary Gregory25ConfectionerY
William Meredick45ConfectionerY
Elizabeth Meredick50ConfectionerY
Thomas Sharkey30LabourerIreland
TiltonRobert Green50Ag. LabN
Ann Green50Y
John Taylor85Y
TiltonWilliam Hould50CarpenterY
John randl25TailerY
TiltonThomas Granger60Ag. LabN
Elizbeth Granger50Y
Samuel Granger18Ag. LabY
Frances Granger12Y
Christoper Granger10Y
Charles Granger9Y
Mary Granger6Y
TiltonThomas Sikes55GrazierY
TiltonMary Sikes55Y
James Sikes20Y
Robert Sikes15Y
Matthew Allen25M.S.Y
Ebn Arnest25F.S.Y
Mary Gibson25F?t. LY
TiltonRichard Cowley55GrazierN
Ann Cowley40Y
Sarah Cowley15Y
Ann Cowley15Y
Jane Cowley12Y
Richard Cowley10Y
Elizabeth Cowley8Y
Frederic Cowley7Y
Clara Cowley5Y
Katherine Cowley2Y
Helen Chamberlain20F.S.Y
Hannah Goodman15F.S.N
Thomas Chester15M.S.N
TiltonHenry Measures45Ag. LabY
Franses Measures50N
Elizabeth Measures19Y
TiltonWilliam Oliver35Shoe MY
TiltonWilliam Oliver7Y
John Oliver5Y
Job Oliver9moY
John Green15Shoe MY
TiltonElizabeth Brown65????Y
Robert Brown25Ag. LabY
Allen Brown20GardenerY
Kessiah Brown6Y
Jimmima Brown4Y
TiltonEdward Chambers60Ag. LabY
Elizabeth Chambers60Y
Ann Chambers19Y
John Jones25Wool SpinnerY
Jane Jones20Y
Edward Jones2Y
John Jones1Y
James Nail25Woll SinkerY
Thomas Nackley?18M.S.Y
TiltonSamuel Jailand?60Ag. LabY
Sarah Jailand55Y
TiltonGerrard Neville25ClerkN
Ann Peake35F.S.N
George Fex?15M.S.Y
TiltonElizabeth Be?t??75Snd?Y
Ephraim Burton50??Y
TiltonGeorge Bryan50GrazierY
Ann Bryan45Y
Ann Bryan20Y
Emma Bryan26Y
George Bryan26Y
Thomas Bryan15Y
Alfred Bryan15Y
Sophia Bryan15Y
Elizabeth Bryan14Y
Amelia Bryan12Y
Charlotte Bryan10Y
Harriet Bryan8Y
Sarah Goodwin14F.S.Y
Charles Pulford15M.S.Y
Elizabeth Peach1N
TiltonWilliam Shield25Ag. LabY
Martha Shield25Y
Edward Shield3Y
Ann Shield2moY
Catherine Shield55K SchoolY
TiltonJohn Seaton20Ag. LabY
Susanna Seaton30Y
Henry Seaton3Y
Susanna Seaton1Y
TiltonJoseph Walpole50Ag. LabY
TiltonFrances Walpole50N
William Walpole25Ag. LabN
TiltonSarah Walpole14Y
TiltonEdward Beesen35Ag. LabY
Ann Beesen30Y
Henry Beesen7Y
Elizabeth Beesen5Y
TiltonWilliam Crane50ShepherdY
Marey Crane50Y
Edward Crane20ServantY
Elizabeth Crane14Y
Thomas Crane12Y
Mary Crane9Y
William Crane6Y
TiltonWilliam Burton35Ag. LabY
Mary Burton25Y
Alfred Burton8Y
John Burton6Y
Emily Burton4Y
Elizabeth Burton1Y
TiltonSilias Burten50L?L?Y
Sarah Burten50N
Joseph Burten14Y
TiltonHenry Beeson35Ag. LabY
Jane Beeson30N
TiltonAnn Nixon60?snd?Y
TiltonJoseph Ireland30Ag. LabY
Sarah Ireland30N
William Ireland8Y
Samuel Ireland5Y
Ruth Ireland3Y
Ann Ireland1Y
TiltonElizabeth Camm50Chas?Y
Elizabeth Wills10Y
TiltonThomas Springthorpe60Ag. LabY
Mary Springthorpe55Y
Sophia Springthorpe15Y
Ann Springthorpe15Y
TiltonThomas Springthorpe13Y
TiltonWilliam Tayler50Ag. LabY
Maria Tayler45Y
Mary Tayler20Y
TiltonThomas Lomas60Ag. LabY
Elizabeth Lomas40Y
James Lomas15Y
Thomas Lomas14Y
TiltonElizabeth Lomas11Y
Mary Lomas9Y
Joseph Lomas7Y
Sarah Lomas14Y
TiltonThomas Turner50Ag. LabN
Elizabeth Turner50Y
Mary Turner85Y
TiltonEmmanuel Colfman40GrazierY
Mary Colfman30Y
Henry Colfman12Y
Emmanuel Colfman11Y
Mary Colfman10Y
William Colfman8Y
Ann Colfman6Y
Alfred Colfman4Y
Elizabeth Taylor15F.S.Y
William Jonson15M.S.Y
Tilton LodgeThomas Corks65FarmerY
Mary Corks55Y
Mary Corks20Y
Ruth Corks15Y
Charles Cumberland20M.S.Y
Thomas Carter20M.S.Y
Ann Goodman15F.S.Y
Lodge 2Thos Tomlin35Ag. LabN
Mary Tomlin40Y
John Tomlin15Y
Elizh Tomlin8Y
Mary Tomlin7Y
Thos Tomlin4Y
End of Tilton Parish

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