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Whatborough Census Returns - 1881

HouseNameRelation to HeadConditionAge MAge FRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Farm HouseJohn LongwillHeadMarried39Farmer 470 Acres Empl 3 Men, , Scotland
Farm HouseJanet LongwillWifeMarried39Farmers Wife, , Scotland
Farm HouseBaraba ? CrawfordNiece 11Scholar, , Scotland
Farm HouseMary Mc ConnochieServant 19Domestic Servant, , Scotland
Farm HouseJoseph TylerServant 21Servant (Farm)Owston, Leicestershire, England
CottageRobert BeattieHeadMarried33Shepherd, , Scotland
CottageJanet BeattieWifeMarried23Shepherd Wife, , Scotland
CottageCatherine H. BeattieDaughter 1 , , Scotland
CottageDavid MackieHeadMarried23Farm Laborer, , Scotland
CottageMarget MackieWifeMarried25Wife, , Scotland
CottageJames MackieSon 3 , , Scotland
CottageAgnes MackieDaughter 1 Whatborough, Leicestershire, England
CottageChristopher CollinsHeadMarried30Farm LaborerDiddington, Huntingdon, , England
CottageSusana CollinsWifeMarried43WifeSouthen, Huntingdon, , England
CottageGeorge CollinsSon 12Servant (Farm)Tilbrook, Bedfordshire, England
CottageCatherine CollinsDaughter 10ScholarTilbrook, Bedfordshire, England
CottageChristopher CollinsSon 8ScholarTilbrook, Bedfordshire, England
CottageEster CollinsDaughter 6ScholarThorney, Cambridgeshire, England
CottageJames CollinsSon 4ScholarWhatborough, Leicestershire, England

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