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Sally Kraus 09 March 2007
I liked your site.

Marianne Head 05 March 2007
Hi, What a great site. I am just beginning to trace my grandmother's family, they were Warringtons from Tilton on the Hill, later from Barsby.
Thanks for entering the Warrington births on this site from the Church registers. They are all 'mine'.

Miriam Smith 05 March 2007
Thank you for making such a lovely lot of material freely available. I hope that the DEVONSHIREs and DENSHIREs I have found close to Billesdon will prove useful in matching into my family.

Julie Edwards 24 February 2007
This is a fantastic resource.My husbands grandparents lived in Tilton and Halstead.His grandfather was a Scattergood and they were Agricultural Labourers and we would love to know who they worked for.His grandmothers name was Burton and they kept the postoffice in the late 1800`s.
Thankyou for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!

TT 12 February 2007
Fantastic site, very interesting and informative.
Some of my ancestors, the Grangers, lived at Tilton in the 1800s. My great-grandfather Francis Granger eventually left the village and became a stable-hand at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. It was there he met my great-grandmother, and they settled in Leicester.

ema tiney 24 January 2007
i lived in one of the "whatborough" farm cottages for my entire early childhood,i was born in 1976 and am now 30. i went to school in knossington,just a short bus trip away. it was a beautiful place to of grown up,the woods all around and whatever the season there was never a dull moment!! i'd loved to of finally found out more about the history behind the old village of whatborough,up on the hill. it was our favourite place as kids,my brother and twin sister also loved to play up there,open to all the elements,free as.....well,as children should be. my name is emma,my mum and dad are sue and roger gill,my late nana was joan. anyone out there with any stories to share on either family or area history???

Rachel Ward 24 January 2007
A very interesting find, I was at the old primary school in the mid-late 1960's, Winifred Poole was headteacher then. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone there at around that time.

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