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Nick Doe 31 May 2015
Very thorough and well-presented site. Almost as good as a wander around, which being in Canada is difficult for me. I was looking at the stones to see how they weathered -- not often a geologist gets to look at rocks with their dates written on them -- and have a few questions if anyone is interested in helping in that regard.

Jonathan Headland 12 May 2015
Have found so much on here about my great grandmas relatives (Curtis Family). Only found out they were from tilton once I started on my family trees.

Gayle Foster 05 May 2014
Thanks so much for the information. I didn't realize there were so many names of my ancestors in this area. Again - thank you !!

Connie Brockhurst (nee Fleming) 17 April 2014
I found this guest book quite by chance and was interested immediately. In September 1939 I was evacuated to this village from London and was billeted upon the Gutteridge family and I remember Edith Gutteridge and her son Willoughby Gutteridge. The family has the village bakery and were also corn, seed and animal feed merchants, the name of their house being Spion Kop.

Mark 18 March 2014

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Ulya 04 February 2014
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Diane Neal (nee Palmer) 11 April 2013
What a fantastic site - thankyou so much for sharing the information.I started this journey only a couple of months ago thinking that all my searches for Palmers would be based in and around Sheffield as that is where we were born & bred (or so we thought !) Imagine my surprise to find my Gt Grandfather (William Palmer) and all other relatives are actually from Halstead (Tilton) which is only a few miles away from where I live now . Thanks to all your hard work many of the details I need are already available.
I will be hot footing it up to Tilton in the near future to have a wander around and see if I can locate anything else of my family history.
Any other details relating to the Palmers of Halstead or how they link in to the Palmers of Billesdon/Carlton Curlieu/Tur LAngton would be greatly appreciated .
Diane :-)

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