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Anonymous 04 February 2009
just been into the tilton pub after breaking down in the village, i see the pub has new owners, the locals were lovely, helped me move my car, food was great, thanks for a lovely couple of hours.

Terry Springthorpe 27 December 2008
This is to whoever runs the site.
I have been reading the feedback and was very interested to see a note from Dawn Watson 12th Oct 2007 regarding the Springthorpes. As I am originally from Billesdon and my ancesters from Tilton (there are 11 buried in the church yard) I would very much like to contact her. I have a tremendous amount of information and pics from the area and I am building my own website as such. If you could kindly put me in touch with her or let her know I am also researching the Tilton Springthorpes I will be extremely grateful.
Thank you very much indeed.
Terry Springthorpe.

Ron Catling 29 October 2008
To Betty Baker
Yes Barbara is Bill Catling's widow. - at present she is living in Leicester --- have not seen her for a very long time. Unfortunately I do not recognise your fathers name. Bill had one brother Harold and three sisters Mary who died in Oct 2005 --Betty and Lucy.
Regards Ron Catling

bettybaker 28 October 2008
I have just seen the message left by Ron Catling. My father always has a christmas card from a Barbara Catling. We are from tilton although haven't lived there for 47 years my dad's name is Les Snart and my mums name was Edna her maiden name was Reed and wondered if Bill was Barbara's husband.

bettybaker 27 October 2008
I am trying to find out about my grand parents there names were Alfred and Mabel Reed. He was station master until the line closed. My sister and I were both born at Tilton and after we moved we spent lots of school holidays there, we used to play with the Gill boys who lived in the cottages near the station i would love to hear from anybody who may of known us.

Ron Catling 24 October 2008
My sister and myself visited Tilton many times during the 1940 and 50's and have fond memories of blackberry picking and afterward rabbit pie at our aunty and uncle's house - Kate and Isaac Catling. Having seen the gravestone photographs on your great site we visited Tilton a month ago to pay respects to our uncle, aunty and cousin Bill.

Richard Sikes 24 October 2008
Many of my ancestors came from east Leicestershire and I did not know about the graves at tilton. I will visit to see them. Thanks for a great site. I was born in Leicester and am now in Northants.

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